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Funnel Fails: Why Your Funnel Could Be Losing Money

Whether you’ve built 100’s of funnels or have never heard of what a funnel is, the primary purpose of a good high-converting funnel is to make you money. In our blog: The Simple Sales Funnel Every Business Needs, we share the components vital to every sales funnel.

…but as you may already know, the road to mastering funnel building, and having it convert visitors into customers like clockwork, can be a complicated process.  

Because, we breathe, eat and live funnels, we know a thing or two…

Why Your Funnel Could Be Losing Money

Let’s dissect some ads and funnels, where I go through and identify the money leaks.

Have pen and paper ready? 

Ad To Funnel Process

When you set up your ads and your strategy, you should never ever run ads directly to your website. 

Before we get deeper into funnel fails, in our blog: Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors Into Customers…And How To Fix It, we share what the difference is between a website and a funnel and why it’s a big no no.

Your ad should always go to a funnel, more precisely, the first page of the funnel, which is the optin page.

Now, that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what the correct and “high-converting” process is.

That very first page must have:

1. A grabbing headline. Remember, people have a short attention span, so your headline, should grab their attention by bull horns, so to speak.

2. An auto-playing video (if you are using video). If you are using an image, just like headline, it must complement the headline and get their attention as well.

3. Short, but powerful testimonials or social proof, and supporting description. Emphasizing further why they should go to #4

4. Strong and visible Call To Action. Don’t just say “Register for Webinar,” but make it so precise, that your visitor knows exactly what to do: “Click HERE To Register for Webinar.” 

5. MOBILE OPTIMIZED. MOBILE FRIENDLY. This is the one I cannot emphasize enough, and as technology advances, more and more people are visiting internet from their phones.

Funnel Fails ad funnel

Remember: the more people interact with your ad, the more Facebook and Instagram are going to show it to other people.

As you watch this vlog, learn and take notes, remember to always take massive action. You will fail, but you’ll learn so much more through your failures. 

I love the quote by Andrew Carnegie where he states:

As inconsistent as it may seem, you'll learn more about what not to do from the failures than what to do, from the successes.

Andrew Carnegie

While I have reviewed some of the greatest and more advanced ads, I hope this vlog helped you recognize the mistakes people made that are costing them money (and that you can avoid). 

Also, keep in mind that everyone started somewhere from step 1. Always keep going back to the basics and build a strong foundation.

To help you out and give you a jump start, I am giving away a free funnel for you (just make sure to click the button from your computer and not your phone):

Last, but not least, one major thing people struggle with is the competition. So many are spamming simply because they don’t know how to stand out. 

We got you covered in our blog: PLR: How To Become Instant Authority In Your Niche.

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