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Jeremy McGilvrey’s Live Instagram Presentation

Can I show you one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever given on how to dominate on Instagram?

Yes? Watch the video below. 

No. Go back to looking for the bottom of your Instagram feed (just kidding).

Of course, you wanna watch the Instagram presentation below…

There are three massive takeaways from this presentation:

1. How to open strong and instantly connect with any audience

2. How to tightly engineer an airtight presentation that sends people sprinting to the back of the room to give you money

3. How to kick ass on Instagram

There was a ton of pressure on me to kill it at this conference. Why? Because I was the only speaker (other than the host) that was pitching. This means if I did not close half of the room or more, the host (a very good friend) would have been in huge financial trouble because of the cost of putting on this event.

Needless to say, I came through. Big time.

The presentation above does not show the product I offered at the end. But you can tell by my connection with the audience I could have pretty much sold them anything I wanted.

Connection Is Key


Too many people try to sell people things before they’ve proven they can solve the problem that rents space in your prospect’s head. They move too fast and attempt to hurry the selling process. It’s a process. And the process must be followed.

The presentation above will show you the process. It will reveal the art and science of connection. Because until you are able to connect with your potential customers, you’re in essence – screwed.

No one wants to be sold. You may be asking yourself, so smarty pants Jeremy, what do they want.

Answer: They want to be seduced.

Your prospects want you to walk them through a sequence of events that earns their trust and conclusively proves you can help. If you can do that, you can sell anything to anyone at any time.

Preparation Is Powerful

One other crucial element when it comes to presenting your products or services whether on stage, or on camera, or on the phone is confidence. Do you believe in what you’re selling? Do you believe in your ability to sell it? Do you believe in yourself?

If you cannot answer 3 simple “Yes’s” to the questions above, then Houston, we have a problem. What’s the problem? It’s two things: You have not practiced your pitch enough and you have not worked on creating the best possible version of yourself.

Subconsciously you know it. You know you have not put the practice reps in to perfect your presentation. You know you’ve spent major time on minor things (this goes back to looking for the bottom of your Instagram newsfeed).


“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

~Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steve Covey talked about sharpening the saw. What Covey was referring to was sharpening your skill and will.

Too many people are attempting to succeed with a dull saw. Work on yourself. Work on your presentation.

And don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

…ready to master? Learn from someone who has done it…

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