PLR: How To Become Instant Authority In Your Niche

How To Become Instant Authority In Your Niche

No matter what business or niche you are in, this blog (or more precisely vlog) is for you. What you are about to learn is truly extraordinary and this particular strategy alone is enough to crush your competition. These videos will teach you how to become instant authority in your niche.

As you watch these videos, listen and take notes, we have provided all resources mentioned in the videos, towards the end of this post.

…and if you are a current affiliate marketer, this will save you a lot of headache, failures, and blocked links by social media!

Ready? Let’s do it… 

How To Become Instant Authority In Your Niche (hint: Instant)

Unfortunately (and fortunately for you), most people who own a business, focus on their product and how they can sell more of it, but in the wrong way. 

Think for a second, someone who is seeing your product for the very first time will most likely not buy your product. Not because your product is bad or there is anything wrong with it, but simply because they don’t know you. They don’t trust you yet. This is where the big mistake is made and disappointments come (also why most are failing).

You’ve got to warm your visitor up. Just like it’s always best to warm up your car before you drive it so it lasts you and serves you for years to come, same goes into your business. 

We open up a whole world for you how you can build rapport with your visitor and become instant authority for them, by implementing this unique strategy with use of Private Label Rights (or PLR).

What is PLR and how can you benefit?

I am giving you several resources towards the bottom that you can use, but in a nutshell, reputable PLR websites are where people have created content (whether it’s e-books, digital downloads, videos, etc) that you can purchase rights to and give as value to your visitor!

This truly opens up a whole world of content and strategies for you.

You provide value, you get leads and those leads can potentially become your customers.

Customers equal MONEY in the bank.

Here is the process super-duper-simplified

1. Identify your niche. Then brainstorm keywords related to your niche. (Niche is your business specialty.)

2. Search for those keywords on the PLR websites for content related to your business.

3. Purchase the desired content.

4. Set up your funnel, offering the digital product as a giveaway in an exchange for visitor’s email address.

5. Offer your products in the funnel, following the value ladder.


Next Step is the Sales Funnel

Once you have your PLR, next big step is the sales funnel. The sales funnel is the key, and also is the fun part. It’s like taking the PLR you have found and building a huge automated money-making machine! 

For this video, grab a pen and a new pad, and take lots of notes as I go in depth while building this extraordinary funnel right in front of your eyes.

Pay close attention to the details I emphasize, such as structure, colors, design, copy and psychology. This video alone is a resource you can use to build out $10,000+ funnels for yourself and others! 

You can replay this video as many times as you need, take more notes and model the funnel down to T. 

The Thank You Page

Now that you have the foundation to your amazing funnel, let’s focus on building the Thank You page, which is also very important.

The Thank You page not only provides access to what your subscriber/prospect opted in for, but also should pre-frame them as to what to expect from you, and emphasize anything important they must know.

Again, pay attention to detail as you want your full funnel to flow. The colors, alignment, spacing, text, buttons and every detail is crucial.

The Neglected Step - Split Testing

You read it right: split testing is one of the neglected steps by a lot of marketers. Split testing allows you to boost conversions on your funnel by testing pages side by side! Clickfunnels makes it super easy and I show you exactly how you can do it for your funnel in this next video…

Do not take shortcuts or cut any corners.

I can assure you that you are ahead of a lot of marketers out there with the information you just learned!

Below, in the Resources section, we share a funnel for you that you can tweak and use. You can also learn more about funnels in our blog: The Simple Sales Funnel Every Business Needs.

The purpose of your sales funnel is to capture your visitor’s email address, so you can build your credibility with them through offering value and then offering your products and services. 

You might say: “I already have a website, so why do I need a sales funnel?” 

That’s a great question and we answer it in depth here in our blog: Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Leads Into Customers…And How To Fix It

Now, that you see the difference, make sure to re-watch the videos in this blog to see how I build out the full sales funnel with the selected PLR product.

Also, pay attention to all the resources you are getting with your selected PLR product during the purchase. You can use these additional resources as well to further build tremendous value with your subscriber.

This is extraordinary!

Special note for affiliates

If you are just starting out as an affiliate or have been an affiliate marketer for some time but haven’t gotten the results you want, this strategy with PLR will be the turning point in your business

Remember at the beginning, I said how you can avoid having your links blocked by social media? 

This is actually very common as what most people do is they just grab their affiliate link and paste it everywhere, pretty much spamming. Because social media is focused on socializing, each platform watches for spammers and has algorithms in place to block offenders.

Now that you know about PLR products and funnel building, imagine what your business will look like now, if you implement and provide value…

Focus on value, focus on how your product can genuinely help someone, instead of just seeing dollar signs and you will see the huge shift taking place. When there is value and you are making a difference for others, money will follow!

Resources (these are super powerful)

Don’t underestimate the power of these resources, combined with massive action on your end. 

Private Label Rights websites:

Your FREE funnel:

Here is one of my favorite funnels that you literally can take, edit to reflect your business and run with it! Make sure that you visit the link on your computer (not your mobile device), then follow the steps to finish the set up.

You are hungry and want more: Get FULL access to our Instagrow Academy

In our Instagrow Academy, we walk you step by step on how to build out your funnel and give away high-converting email sequences, written by our own internal copywriter! (Yeah, the very same copywriter from our Two Comma club funnel.)

If you are ready to 10X everything you are doing in your business, click the button below and let’s hear your success story. This tutorial shows how to become instant authority in your niche. 

Note: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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