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I’m Jeremy McGilvrey. And if you scroll down this page you’ll see several #1 bestselling books I’ve written, awards for generating $1,000,000-plus in a single sales funnel, and countless publications from Forbes to Entrepreneur to the Huffington post who have written about me.

This would likely lead you to believe I’ve had one success after another – I’ve lived an abundant and orderly life – but nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, the video below (Story of Struggle) reveals a defining moment in my life. I was hired to speak at an event in California. And this was the first time I shared my story of tragedy to triumph in front of a public audience.

Why was it so important I figured this Internet marketing thing out, and figured it out in a big
way? Answer: My boys. In the image below my youngest son Tristan was only hours away from entering this world.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. The story I was telling myself in that hospital room
was: What are you gonna do now? You can barely handle all of the responsibilities you currently have, how in the world are you going to provide for another child?

Fear is a great motivator. And the fear of not providing for my family has consistently been an
incredibly powerful driving force for me. So I studied. And I studied again. Then I studied some more.

Getting addicted to distractions and spending major time on minor things is something I do not have a problem with. Why does wasting time wreak havoc on many people’s lives but not mine?

Because the only way I know how to become (and remain) a person my boys will be proud of is to
consistently compound one productive day on the next.

Pre Tristan Jeremy Mcgilvrey

Virtually every major publication has written about the online marketing strategies I use for myself and my clients. These strategies have enabled me to not trade my time for money. Which is a trap many people/businesses fall into.

Leveraging yourself by creating systems and processes is the only way to scale a business. This concept encompasses the idea that short-term sacrifices produce long-term happiness. And that you have to live a few years of your life like most people wouldn’t – so you can live the remaining years of your life like most people couldn’t.


Creating tightly engineered sales funnels, landing pages that convert like crazy, and developing beautiful websites is the easy part of Internet marketing. The hard part? Traffic! I remember the first Facebook ad I ran. It was a complete disaster.

Putting $1500 in and taking $8 out is a surefire way to eat Roman noodle soup forever. Figuring the ad strategy out proved to be the most challenging part of producing serious revenue on the Internet.

Stumbling on Instagram influencer endorsed ads changed everything. This was such a game-changer I had to share this secret with others who I believed were going through similar challenges to get leads and sales. So I wrote a book about it. That book instantly became a #1 bestseller.

Jeremy Mcgilvrey Instagram Secrets Book
Jeremy Mcgilvrey Sales Funnel Expert

Capturing the attention of Russell Brunson is not easy. With the massive success of ClickFunnels and being one of the highest paid speakers from stage, Russell has turned the Internet marketing industry upside down. So when Russell asked if I would write a chapter for his new book; I was elated.

Partnering with Russell and participating in his Summit has paid enormous dividends. Dividends I’ve used to build a foundation for my business that is unquestionably stronger than nearly everyone who I compete against.

Investing in myself, my brand and my education has provided an infinite amount of opportunities. And it’s the primary reason why I’m able to live life on my own terms and generously provide for my family.

Taking stage with my son Tristan to receive the Two Comma Club award for generating $1,000,000 in a sales funnel ( was something I had envisioned countless times. So when my name was called and my son and I walked across the stage it felt like déjà vu.

Say it until you see it. Over and over I told myself I’d win the Two Comma Club award. And now, over and over I’ve won them.

Don’t look at the teacher…look at their students. This statement is something I repeat in my mind regularly when I’m creating course content. The people who I get the privilege of teaching are my walking billboards.

These individuals trust me to provide them with simple to follow techniques that will produce sustainable results. Twice a month I host online Marketing Mastermind sessions. On these live calls my students can ask me questions in real-time and get my feedback on their copy, landing pages, and ads.

Scientific strategies that show you exactly how your brain actually works along with ways to interrupt the unproductive patterns in your life is what you’ll discover in CEO. This book reveals the blueprint to living your best life. It shows you exactly how to develop the best you possible.

CEO also exposes many emotionally painful stories from my past. In CEO I share numerous stories that I’m deeply ashamed of. However, I believe not sharing the lessons I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made is a cardinal sin.

Exposing parts of my life that I’m not particularly proud of is a gift I give my readers and my sons. Because learning the lessons without paying the price is key to success.

Jeremy Mcgilvrey CEO Book

Talking about what I discovered when I wrote CEO is a huge passion of mine. In the video below you’ll see a talk I gave to a small group in Houston, Texas. I remember several people coming up to me before I spoke and telling me they had to be at another event in 30 minutes.

However, no one left. They were thoroughly engaged throughout my hour long presentation.