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Our Dallas web design firm provides one-of-its-kind development services to help your business flourish immensely. Our high-level developers can create a beautiful yet highly functional website that will undoubtedly boost conversion rates and enhance your online presence. You will easily convert visitors into leads, customers and clients with your new website.

Dallas Web Design Agency: Vivix Credit Solutions



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Gabriel Brown’s credit repair business was making little headway in converting visitors into clients. Following first impressions, all visitors were seen to quickly lose interest in spending any more time on the website. High conversion rates have always been crucial for every company, including Gabriel’s, but his website was unable to make progress.

Gabriel did all he could to market his service. He tried practically everything, from billboard advertising to running social media (Facebook) ad campaigns. Unfortunately, these did not work as well for his internet marketing strategy as intended.

Following the failure of all marketing efforts, our Dallas web design company was approached to make things right for him. Our team of professional web designers completely revamped Gabriel’s website and made it all more mobile-friendly. This redesigning of the website proved to be highly beneficial compared to all marketing efforts.

Our Dallas web development experts improved Gabriel’s leads’ digital presence by:

The conversion rate increased by 900% as a result of the website created by our Dallas web design company. Prior to our assistance, it was only 3%; now, Gabriel has a conversion rate of up to 30%. To put that in context, approximately one out of every three website visitors becomes a lead for Gabriel’s company.

Dallas Web Design Agency: Wealth Builders Institute



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Todd Rampe wanted us to set up a website for his company that provides excellent user interaction for its visitors. His digital marketing strategy included revamping his website so that it may communicate a solid brand image while also improving conversion rates.

To create a website for Todd that communicated a strong brand, our web development team had to pay close attention to detail and adopt a well-thought-out approach. As a result, we developed very persuasive content and elegantly structured the entire site to be conversion-focused.

Websites are typically the first point of contact for prospective leads. To attract customers and clients, they must be well-designed. Unique websites, particularly WordPress sites, appear to be simple to design, yet they may not be conversion-focused. It takes proper expertise to develop a website that is both appealing and functional.

Our Dallas web design firm skillfully integrated Todd’s content marketing strategy into his website by redesigning how prospects were introduced to Todd’s webinar. The web design project included behavioral-based email sequences that guide prospects through a secure purchasing process.

Todd’s website is now far more functional than it was before, owing to the expertise of our Dallas web design company. The redesigned website clearly conveys the brand and turns surfers into purchases.

Dallas Web Design Agency: Youth & Earth Supplements



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Edward was confronted with one of the most challenging concerns for his Supplement company. The issue was that while his Shopify e-commerce website was generating leads and impressions, people did not proceed to purchase his products.

What was the problem? After evaluating his website, our web development team determined that the issue was not just with the web designs, but also with the website’s selling mechanisms.

It is human psychology that causes customers to ask numerous questions subconsciously before purchasing any product – questions that must be addressed quickly in order to build rapport with prospective customers.

So, to address Edward’s issue, our Dallas web design company set up a website that gives the customer an impression of trust and adds credibility to the brand.

Our professional developers added engaging content for visitors as well as placed easy-to-follow calls to action on multiple web pages to urge them to take action rather than simply reading and leaving the site.

What transpired next surprised Edward. His website conversion rate has increased dramatically, and his order value rose by more than 277%. All thanks to our renowned Dallas web design company’s conceptualization and execution of the plan.

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Unfortunately Dallas is overflowing with web development companies that do not provide valuable services, waste your time with onboarding and are gone once they have your money.


Our onboarding process is highly streamlined. It facilitates minimizing extraneous information while extracting only what is necessary to develop a great website that meets your needs.

World-Class Design + Messaging

Our specialized Dallas web designers will not only create a spectacular top-class design for your website but also integrate excellent messaging processes that are very important to make the finest impression.

Creation, Development & Launch

Our Dallas web design firm provides more than just support with one phase. We’re there for you till the end. Our firm will support you from the creation to the development to the launch of your website, taking care of everything.

Testing & Handover

Our Dallas web design and development company strives for perfection. Prior to launch, your website will undergo thorough testing and assurance. Our journey with you will not end here; after delivering your website, we will optimize it for the first 90 days to ensure ROI.

Who Is Jeremy McGilvrey's Dallas Web Design Company

Dallas Web Design Agency Jeremy McGilvrey

Award-Winning Website Expert

Who Is Jeremy McGilvrey's Dallas Web Design Company

Jeremy McGilvrey got the notion to offer highly professional web design and development services to people and businesses in Dallas. He made his idea a reality by founding a web design company in Dallas. With more than 20 years of experience and a team of skilled designers, he helped his business become one of the top web design firms in Dallas, Texas. Jeremy is a Harvard graduate as well as a best-selling author.

Top-rated Dallas web design company includes not only Jeremy but also some of the most skilled web designers in the world. Jeremy and his web development team can outperform competitors and deliver the best web design services in Dallas.

How do they do it? The web design team has made enormous efforts to enhance their services. One cannot just master anything if he or she does not devote sufficient time to it. That is precisely what Jeremey and his team have been focusing on for years.

Jeremy and his team of Dallas web designers have access to the most advanced software, allowing them to examine how users interact with websites extensively. Software such as Hotjar and Mouseflow collects insights and real-time information about user behavior on websites, which enabled Jeremy and his team to pinpoint the source of problems on websites and design them in such a way that turns visitors into revenue.

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We remove all the unnecessary elements and distractions from your site, keeping the essential components; your website appears more modern and professional, with more credibility.

Our Dallas web design company’s team of experts will take your ideas and translate them into a stunning, simple, and effective website design that will capture your target audience's attention and compel them to take action.