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Email Marketing Consultant Services

Email marketing is one of the original digital marketing tactics. This doesn’t mean that it’s outdated, though – and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy. An effective email marketing strategy nurtures leads who may take some time to become customers. This requires delivering the right message at the right time. Only an experienced email marketing consultant knows how to do this, which is exactly why you’ll benefit from the expertise of my team and I.

My team and I craft emails specifically designed to convert leads. We pay attention to the smallest details, as we know this can mean the difference between a conversion and an unsubscribe. We use a behavioral-based marketing approach. This involves giving users the cues they need to nudge them to take the right actions. Our research and experience helps us know exactly what cue to release at what time and how to structure emails correctly to optimize results.

We’re Not Like the Rest

We provide email marketing consultant services. This means no mass-produced emails sent to every lead you receive. Instead, my team and I will tailor your emails to specific types of users and their stage in the funnel. I’ll listen to you to find out what you need, and then figure out a solution specifically for your business.

Backed by an Amazing Team

My extraordinary results and one happy client after another would not be possible if it weren’t for my elite team.

A large number of components must come together to ensure users open and read emails, click links, convert, and stay subscribed to your list. My team assists me at every stage: with the copy, the design of the layout, planning the email sequence, and most importantly: measuring the results.

Backed by an Amazing Team


Our Email Marketing Process

What makes me unique as an email marketing consultant is that I’ve developed my own process. No one else uses this strategy: it’s completely unique to me and my team. Plus, we’re always making minor adaptations to our process as we learn how to make it better and to stay on top of changes in the digital marketing sphere.

This is what my team and I do specifically…

Ask You About Your Requirements

Before I start any work on your email marketing campaigns, I need to know what you want. I’ll ask you questions about your visitor to customer journey, details relevant to your specific email marketing process, as well as aesthetics, such as specific fonts and colors you want to use.

This is important for guiding my research and to prevent wasting both my time and your time creating email campaigns that don’t fit your needs.

Ask You About Your Requirements

Figure Out the Specifics


Figure Out the Specifics

I take the information you provide me and put it into a private document. I examine everything you reveal and decide what the best strategy to implement will be. In the past, I’ve had clients who wanted to include something that would lead to poor results (I know the results would be poor from my vast experience).

If this turns out to be the case, I’ll let you know from the start and we’ll figure out together what will produce the best long-term results for your business and brand.

Research Phase

Even the most experienced email marketing consultant can’t just dive in – first I need to research your project. This involves finding out what’s already working in your niche. I take notes and screenshots to document everything. I share these findings with my team to get everyone involved.

This stage typically takes 3 to 4 days. It’s critical because, without sufficient research, it will be impossible to know if your email campaigns will work. My clients are never guinea pigs – I implement strategies that will bring success from the the tests I’ve conducted in the past (using my own money to discover what works).

Research Phase

Draft the Campaigns

Draft the Campaigns

My team and I begin the design phase of your email campaigns by documenting ideas in draft form. These don’t feature the exact text we’re going to use, just the right concepts.

This is critical, because it allows me to focus on how the overall strategy of the email campaign will look and feel. After that, I circle back around and iron out every detail.

Refine the Designs

During the final stage, I spend time making sure that the recipients of your emails will feel that the copy was written for them.

I also dedicate several hours to checking the appearance of the individual emails on various devices. This is important to ensure users will enjoy the experience of reading your emails and that they will click the links that drive revenue to your business’s bottom line.

Refine the Designs

Communication Throughout

I keep you updated from the beginning until the end of the process.

From the very start, you’ll know how much our email marketing consultant services will cost and how long the process will take. There will be no surprises – except how great the results are.

When the due date for delivery is approaching, I’ll let you know if there are any changes – whether you can expect your emails a couple days earlier or a couple days later than I initially anticipated.

Results You’ll See with Our Email Marketing Consultant Services

Regardless of how audacious your goal is for your email marketing campaigns, my team and I guarantee we’ll exceed your expectations.

If you’re looking to develop brand awareness, we’ll help you define your target audience and ensure we solidify your marketing message. Your emails will present you as an authority in your niche.

If you have a list of qualified leads you want to convert, we’ll manage the list. We’ll send emails that are personalized to different segments, which will enhance the hygiene of your email list. As your content resonates with your subscribers, you’ll see far more conversions.

If you want to nurture your top prospects, we’ll determine which have the potential of becoming customers with the largest lifetime value.

In all these cases listed above, not only will you put your email marketing on complete autopilot, you will also start generating money from one of your business’s largest assets: your email list!

Claims Backed by Evidence

I know my word means nothing without the evidence to back it up. And I have plenty of evidence. These reviews are representative of what our email marketing consultant clients thought of our services.

I know my word means nothing without the evidence to back it up. And I have plenty of evidence. This review is representative of what just one of our email marketing consultant clients thought of our services.

There’s nothing technically complex about email marketing. You could write your own emails, throw together a design using a template, and just send out the messages whenever you feel it’s appropriate. However, if you want to actually ​see results​, you need to use an email marketing consultant who uses tried-and-tested techniques and pays attention to every detail.

After all the effort you put into gaining leads, the right choice should be obvious.

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