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Web Redesign Near Me - 3 Strategies for Success

Hiring the right web redesign near me agency can be tricky. Here’s three strategies to help get your website redesigned so it turns clicks into customers.

When done properly, a web redesign agency can give your website and online presence a fresh look that your customers want. While the benefits are great, a web redesign can be a lot of work for you and your team.

Before signing on with that “web redesign near me” you’ve pulled up from your Google search, make sure that you’re headed in the right direction.


Strategies for a Successful Web Redesign

You can avoid causing yourself countless headaches and wasting money by working closely with an experienced and talented web design company, and by following these three strategies:

1. Make sure the redesign tells your brand’s story and grows your sales


A flashy, new website is exciting to look at, but does it tell your brand’s story and increase your profits? Get away from the cookie-cutter websites that are so popular they do nothing to set you apart from your competition.

There’s also no sense in investing in a full web redesign purely for aesthetics. You need a site that tells your brand’s unique story beautifully AND that increases your market share.

2. Keep the users at the forefront of redesign plans


How many times have you visited a brand’s website only to leave feeling frustrated that you couldn’t find the information that you needed?

A great web redesign incorporates your brand’s image and your need for data and optimization into a site that is easy and comfortable for the users. Your website should be fast loading, mobile friendly, easy to understand, and intuitively organized.

3. Research, plan, test, tweak

It’s important that the web redesign company that you work with understands the importance of research, planning, testing, and tweaking. At Jeremy McGilvrey, our team takes research incredibly seriously.

Before coming up with a plan for a web redesign, we research our client’s brand, their industry, and their niche markets. We figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and how to carve out a unique spot in the busy online marketing world.

It is also important not to launch a website and think you’re done. Work with a company that keeps tabs on optimizations and makes tweaks along the way. If something isn’t giving the results that you want, it should be fixed.

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Working with the Best Web Redesign Near Me


When you are looking online for the “best web redesign near me,” make sure you take a look at our team at Jeremy McGilvrey. Our elite team of web designers understand how incredibly important a website is to your business.

Not only is it your online, customer-facing storefront, but it also serves to generate leads and track data. That’s why our data-driven processes work so well. We are able to expertly combine beautiful designs that tell your brand’s story with deep and detailed, data-driven functionality.



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At Jeremy McGilvrey, our team is so confident in our abilities to produce stunning websites that deliver that we offer an ironclad money-back guarantee. When you work with us, searching for “web redesign near me” will be a thing of the past. Contact us for more details.

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Our unconditional money-back guarantee is that, if you…

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A business can only make such a guarantee when they have supreme confidence they can deliver. And I’m extremely confident when you allow my team and me to build your website, we’ll over-deliver.

Best case scenario: You get the website of your dreams.

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