A Quick Guide for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

high converting landing pages

Which website landing page design you choose is a crucial decision in the process of building your brand. Even with an already established brand, you need to use the best landing page design for your desired branding image to maintain consistency. However, what is a landing page? Which attributes describe a good landing page? 

Here are 5 tips for creating a good landing page design, whether from scratch or to accompany your business’s established tone. These tips will give a better idea of what is a landing page & its overall goal. 

1. Create an Amazing Offer


If what you’re offering isn’t amazing, you could have the best landing page in the world, and you’re still not going to have a positive ROI because nobody will convert.

Remember, your landing page is one of the millions out there that you’re competing with and it needs to stand out.

Why should the person visiting your landing page choose your offer, your email list, or your products over all the others? 

Figure out what makes you unique as a company. That epiphany is a good start for developing your amazing offer.

Now, you don’t have to offer the Fountain of Youth (unless, of course, you can). The takeaway is you need to provide something unique and noteworthy. You NEVER want to promise something you can’t deliver and you never want to be overwhelming.

These are a few tricks from the pros on how to come up with an amazing offer:

  • Targeted: Your offer needs to target your customer. Your offer can be the best offer ever, but if it doesn’t align with your content and business, you’re not going to get any lasting use or interest from the people it attracts.

  • Useful: Your offer needs to be helpful, authoritative, and intriguing. The incentive you provide must paint you as an influencer in your field.

  • Exclusive: This offer needs to be something of value that you can only get by following the landing page directions. Your offer cannot be available anywhere else on the web, or it loses exclusivity and, thus, relevance.

2. Conversion is All in the Headline


Modern landing pages aim to create high conversions, from viewers to either buyers or subscribers. While the imagery is vital for creating an effective landing page design, the headline will help seal the deal.

Nearly all websites have visuals that evoke reactions, but it makes a landing page twice as enticing when that reaction couples with a witty headline.

Here are the essentials for creating a witty headline:

  • Concise: Brevity is always an asset in marketing, especially when creating a landing page. You don’t want the reader to become bored halfway through your headline, so keep it short and to the point.

  • Powerful: Use the limited space you have in the headline to make a statement that makes an impact.
  • Informative: This is not the time to pull punches. You need to tell the reader exactly what the landing page is about and what you expect them to do with it. Never leave anything to the imagination.

3. Minimalist Design


The best landing page examples are clean, simplistic, and minimalist. The best way to get a singular idea across to your viewer is to create a design where every detail speaks to the theme and offer. This helps to answer the question of which attributes describe a good landing page. 

When creating your theme, you want to follow these tips:

  • Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage: Colors conjure various subliminal emotions based on your culture, background, and experiences. So, pick colors that both align with your brand and are known to conjure positive emotions. Also, make sure the colors flow logically, as a great landing page design needs to be appealing to the eye.
  • Keep It Simple: When it comes to successful marketing, less is always more. If you want your viewers to take action, you need to make your request simple and straightforward.


  • Make Sure It’s Scannable: Chances are, most of the viewers who will take action on your landing page are busy people.

    These people don’t want to search for directions. They want to have a minimal, scannable copy that makes it easy to take action.

4. Showcase and Encourage Social Networking Interaction


Social networks rule the marketing game. So, if you want to know how to design a landing page that will be successful, you need to make its social network friendly. 

The better you can showcase and encourage social networking interaction, the more influential you become.

Here are some ways to encourage social networking interaction:

  • Use Shareable Videos: Videos are engaging and fun to share, as long as the content is interesting.

  • Share Your Social Platforms: Link your social platforms to the landing page. Even if it is just an icon with a link, it will let your visitors know that you are social network conscious.

  • Make Your Site Mobile Friendly: If you want your site and videos to be shared, you want to ensure everyone can view and interact with your content easily. That means making sure that your site and content are all mobile-friendly.

5. Present a Clear Call to Action


Creative landing page design is not always easy, as it needs to be hyper-focused, but it also needs to be unique. Therefore, you cannot go overboard with your copy or design. You need to keep your landing page as focused and singular as possible.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your reader. By the time they get to the call to action, they should know precisely what the page is offering and how to get it.

The call to action should be the closer. It shouldn’t have any surprises. It should be straightforward, without beating around the bush when it comes to the next steps you want the reader to take.

Here are some suggestions on how to go about creating a clear call to action:

  • Specific: Write your call to action in specific terms telling your customer the exact steps you want them to take. This prevents any confusion allowing for a seamless experience.

  • Direct: Your call to action should always speak directly to your customers using language they’re familiar with.

  • Test: Since a call to action is a short piece of text that has a big impact, always test the effectiveness of your call to action with alternatives to optimize results.


When you are working toward creating the perfect landing page, you should keep these tips in mind. While one size certainly does not fit all, these tips are unanimous across all industries and interests. 

Great landing page design is an art form all on its own, and these are the tips that help make the art you create a marketing masterpiece. This is the description of what is a landing page.

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