What If You Had a Steady Stream of Leads?

Running a small business is no small task.

You have to manage your employees, keep your customers happy, and plan for your company’s growth and success.

You don’t have time to do all that and constantly chase down new leads and sales.

But you need those new leads to ensure your business can grow and thrive!

“Obviously,” you think. “And, I swear, if one more person tells me they hold the digital marketing secret to a steady stream of leads, I’m going to throw my phone.”

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Jeremy McGilvrey’s Live Instagram Presentation

Can I show you one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever given on how to dominate on Instagram?

Yes? Watch the video below. 

No. Go back to looking for the bottom of your Instagram feed (just kidding).

Of course, you wanna watch the Instagram presentation below…

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The Best Way To Sell Products And Services Online

By this time you may have seen a lot of marketers sharing theories and ways to do things, especially in the online world. However, it is always best to do your due diligence and truly only listen to those who “live what they preach” and their results come from tested and proven methods.

In this blog, or I can say “semi-vlog,” I will share the best way to sell products and services online, regardless of what industry you are in. Sure, you may need to do a few tweaks to adapt the methods and the strategies for your particular niche, but these are solid, proven and results-driven.

Let’s dive in…

Watch this video completely to learn why webinars can bring tremendous profit to your business, and also be a way to screw things up and why a lot of people do them wrong…

The big picture…

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Funnel Fails: Why Your Funnel Could Be Losing Money

Whether you’ve built 100’s of funnels or have never heard of what a funnel is, the primary purpose of a good high-converting funnel is to make you money. In our blog: The Simple Sales Funnel Every Business Needs, we share the components vital to every sales funnel.

…but as you may already know, the road to mastering funnel building, and having it convert visitors into customers like clockwork, can be a complicated process.  

Because, we breathe, eat and live funnels, we know a thing or two…

Let’s dissect some ads and funnels, where I go through and identify the money leaks.

Have pen and paper ready? 

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PLR: How To Become Instant Authority In Your Niche

No matter what business or niche you are in, this blog (or more precisely vlog) is for you. What you are about to learn is truly extraordinary and this particular strategy alone is enough to crush your competition. 

As you watch these videos, listen and take notes, we have provided all resources mentioned in the videos, towards the end of this post.

…and if you are a current affiliate marketer, this will save you a lot of headache, failures, and blocked links by social media!

Ready? Let’s do it… 

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Coaching Call: Instagram Tips And How To Get More Leads

So many people ask us how they can get on a 1-on-1 coaching call with us and what we offer…so I decided to do something special: give you a sneak peek of one of our coaching calls (and may be an unadvertised bonus)…

In this coaching call you will discover the two parts to success. We will discuss them a bit more below, but for now, turn up your speakers, let the video load and enjoy…

Social media nowadays is “THE THING” and it’s unusual to find someone who is not on social media. Majority of people are there to be entertained by others and curiosity-driven. While that remains true, social media is beyond powerful when it comes to your business.

There are different platforms you can leverage to get leads and sales, but one of my favorite is Instagram, especially the powerful strategies I have discovered (that very few know about). Just for this fact alone, Instagram is an open horizon for ANY business owner!  

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