Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Leads Into Customers… And How To Fix It

best way to convert leads into customers

This isn’t Pacman… 

Flashing lights and fluorescent graphics don’t turn your visitors into leads, and they most definitely don’t turn leads into customers.

If you have a website, chances are you’re selling a powerful service, timesaving product, or a life-changing experience. But the truth is, most websites don’t do jack to grow your business. At least the type of sites most companies have.

Websites are a dying breed. Here’s why.

They’re quickly and swiftly being replaced with a process called a ‘sales funnel.’

In this article, I’m going to show you why your website isn’t converting leads.

But before I do that, it’s essential to understand that the reason sales funnels work exceptionally well is because they work by a process called direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing involves one specific path and a clear call to action in your marketing message, so your reader knows what to do next.

Whereas a sales funnel is an automatic and repeatable way to nurture leads into clients. Powerful, right?

The Difference Between a Website and a Sales Funnel

For most businesses, a website is just a page on the internet.

Often, a business’s homepage displays every one of the services they provide, the products they sell, and other unimportant links to click.

There’s a book called “The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less.”

In the book, the author Barry Schwartz argues that eliminating consumer choices can significantly reduce anxiety for shoppers.

A sales funnel kills this problem before it arises.

You see, a sales funnel has a singular focus and a clear call to action. All of those calls to action go to the same place.

By doing this you eliminate guessing, mindless clicking, distraction and landing on pages that the reader has no desire to view.

Not only do you encourage your readers to take a specific action with your sales page, but you’re able to ascend readers through a buyer cycle.

For example: If a reader buys one product, they’re offered an upsell. If they buy that upsell, they can be provided another upsell. If they say no to the offer, they’re sent to a downsell which includes another offer they may be interested in.

… But this isn’t the only reason having a sales funnel is crucial for growing your business.


Why It’s Important To Have A Sales Funnel In Addition To Your Website

Here’s why it’s essential to have a sales funnel in addition to your website.

If you’re running a business, you understand that the first sale to a new customer is the hardest sale to make.

Well, your sales funnel facilitates the first step to getting a reader into your world to turn them into a buyer.

Keep in mind that it’s still a smart idea to have a website to display your different services, content, products, and contact information as well as having an automated customer acquisition system (aka a sales funnel).

What Goes Into a Simple Sales Funnel

The last thing I want you to do is to think that you need to spend nine months building a complicated sales funnel instead of testing a few things out.

Before you go down that rabbit hole, let me break down the Simple Sales Funnel.

In fact, I’ve created a FREE funnel for you to get started.

>> Get your free funnel

Step #1. Referral source

Your referrals are your lead source.

They come from Facebook ads, Google Adwords, speaking engagements, guest blog posts, podcast appearances, joint venture partnerships and my personal favorite, Instagram.

Step #2. Lead Capture

You want to get your readers’ contact details with a non-intimidating free offer.

A free plus shipping book deal is excellent here. Just make sure you offer something that is going to solve a significant problem the reader has.

I put together a high converting landing page which you can use to drive leads to.

>> Get the landing page here

Step #3. Thank you + One-Time Irresistible Offer

WARNING: Don’t leave this up to chance.

Your thank you page needs to give clear directions about what the readers’ next step should be.

Without giving your readers clear instructions, you’re increasing the likelihood of them becoming distracted and falling out of your sales funnel.

Since the reader just opt-ed in, they’re incredibly excited about your offer which makes it a great time to offer a ‘One-Time Offer’ that they can’t resist.

Massive discounts on one of your core products or services work exceptionally well here.

Step #4. Upsells & Downsells

Once your reader has decided whether to take your one-time offer or not, they are taken through a series of other proposals they may find valuable.

It’s important to ensure these upsells and downsells are something your reader would love an opportunity to get their eyes (or hands) on.

Once you’ve got that sorted out, include both urgency and scarcity to your offer so your leads are encouraged to make a decision now, rather than later.

Step #5. Follow up

This is one of the most important pieces of a sales funnel and the one where the majority of your revenue will be generated.

Funny enough, this is often the part that most business owners screw up.

An effective email follow-up sequence indoctrinates your new subscribers into your world. It builds a closer connection and allows you to speed up the trust building process.

This is where you tell your new lead about your company, what you’re about, and you offer them something that they’re in desperate need of.

If you skip this part, you’re leaving loads of money on the table.

9 Critical Pieces To A High Converting Landing Page

When you’re implementing your sales funnel, there are a few key points to remember, which are outlined below…

1. One clear outcome: Make the desired result clear.

2. Congruent message: Have a similar message, look, offer, and promise from your landing page.

3. Clear and eye-pleasing headline: Address a specific benefit you’re going to help solve or arouse curiosity to catch attention.

4. Social proof: Testimonials, ‘as featured in,’ before and after pictures, screenshots, etc.

5. Strong call to action: Clear instructions on what to do next.

6. Bright button: Make sure your button is bright and stands out from the rest of the page.

7. Have limited links: Remember, the goal for this page is to get the reader to opt into your funnel, so the last thing you want to do is add unnecessary items.

8. Keep important info ‘above the fold’: You want the call to action in a place where the reader does not have to scroll to take action.

9. Optimized for mobile: The majority of users are going to experience your sales funnel in a mobile experience so make sure it’s optimized.

Wrapping It Up

In a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is just ignore stuff.

Unfortunately, giving your readers too many choices right off the bat can bring your business to a screeching halt.

It’s a crippling issue most businesses face on a regular basis.  Fortunately, this bottleneck is a choice and doesn’t have to hold you back any longer.

The first step is understanding the difference between a website and a Simple Sales Funnel.

The second is to implement a Simple Sales Funnel into your business.

The third, and most important, is to reap the rewards of your smart decision.


Not only will you be able to give your readers exactly what they want and streamline the process, but you’ll finally have a consistent and predictable revenue stream in your new business.

Don’t forget to get your free funnel here

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